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-SNS can layout new lines for your parking lot or simply restripe old, wornout parking lines for half the cost

-We specialize in a wide variety of markings and stencil work for your desired layouts

-SNS can get your parking lot to Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance, including pavement markings as well as signage which is required by law

-"FIRE LANE", "NO PARKING", "RESERVED",  ARROWS, HANDICAP MARKINGS and corresponding hatch-outs for vans, SPEEDBUMPS, and many more markings available

-Let SNS save you time and headaches with our line striping services

-We also do minor to major asphalt repair, parking lot refinishing, as well as new parking lot projects from start to finish- please call today for a 5% off quote when you mention this page

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